Renovation of a small bathroom – how much does it cost?

A general renovation of a small bathroom requires good organization and a precisely calculated budget. The complete replacement of sanitary equipment, as well as chipping tiles and installing new ones, is not only a significant cost, but also the need to plan the work in such a way as to make it as difficult as possible for the household members to use the bathroom. Today we will look at the expenditure related to the renovation of a small bathroom.

We start with the walls and floors, i.e. the disassembly and assembly of tiles

If we plan to replace the tiles, we must first include the cost of hammering the old ones in our budget. For a square meter of wall to be hammered, we will pay about PLN 20. In addition, you need to add the preparation of the substrate and the installation of new tiles, which will give us an additional PLN 30-50 per m2. Then we have to assume the cost of purchasing the tiles themselves. As a consequence, the disassembly and assembly of new tiles, along with the purchase and labor, will cost us about PLN 100 per square meter. We now have to multiply this value by the area of the walls in our bathroom.

For the renovation of the walls alone, we can pay PLN 2,500-3,000, and including the floor, it will amount to even PLN 4,000.

Replacement of sanitary facilities

The next step is to consider how much the replacement of sanitary appliances, as well as their installation, will cost us. We can buy a washbasin for PLN 200, while a flush-mounted set with a toilet bowl and a seat can be PLN 1000-1500. The purchase of a shower cubicle will be a much greater cost – it will be worth from 1000 to 2000 PLN. The cost of the bathtub will fluctuate in a similar price range.

Another element of the bathroom equipment will be a hanging mirror cabinet. Such a piece of furniture is another expense of PLN 250-500.

If, as part of the bathroom renovation, we also plan to replace the washing machine, our budget must assume an amount of at least PLN 1000-1500 for this purpose.

Sanitary appliances and household appliances for the bathroom will therefore amount to no less than PLN 3,500, but we must safely allocate about PLN 5,000 for this purpose. Producers’ prices on the market vary a lot, so if we want a very high standard of equipment, this budget point can be even twice as high.

Other accessories

Once we have the budget for the most important bathroom equipment planned, we can now plan some other expenses that will improve the functionality of the room and add style and aesthetics to it. So they will be various types of bathroom organizers, laundry baskets, a set of new bath towels or other decorations. Such additional equipment costs about PLN 500-700.

Renovating a small bathroom is quite an expense. We have to take into account the fact that we will spend about PLN 10,000 on it. When calculating our renovation budget, it may turn out that we will not have enough funds to implement the investment. Then the noteworthy option will be a quick online loan that will allow you to replenish the missing amount. A well-planned budget and an organized renovation team are the key to the success of the entire investment, as well as a guarantee of the effect that will fully satisfy us.