My Platform

I’ve lived in Orange County for over 40 years now, and I've seen it change. I've changed as well. We are quickly becoming more progressive, more diverse, and currently we are being represented by Dana Rohrabacher, who represents the Orange County of our past. I am running to be your next Congresswoman because, unlike our current representative, I have evolved, we have evolved, and I have a vision for where we should be headed, into a future that is inclusive, sustainable, that protects our working and middle class families, our coastline and the natural beauty that is Orange County. 

I am a licensed, LEED-accredited architect who designs environmentally-friendly buildings, and a small business owner who, alongside my architect husband, built a successful business from the ground up. Oatman Architects is now thriving with 7 employees, one that we hired earlier this year so I could run full-time for Congress. As an architect, I know how to take a dream, put together a diverse team, design a plan, and make it a reality. I am currently meeting with as many people as I can here in Orange County's district 48 - elected officials, business owners, retirees, activists, everyone - so we can design a plan, together. I am still formulating the specifics of my local issues, but I can tell you this. 

My 3 big reasons for running are climate change, women’s rights, and a progressive vision of an economy for the future.

  • #1 - I will Fight for Environment: The trigger point for me was the day after Trump’s inauguration when Climate Change disappeared from State Dept’s website, so now it doesn’t exist, right? Right. Right now, we need environmentalists in DC to fight to end subsidies to fossil fuel industry & to invest instead in clean renewable energy. Locally, Orange County deserves a rep that will fight offshore drilling, that will work with cities to implement “Community Choice Energy” to expand renewable energy options, “Climate Action Plans” to reduce local air pollution & “Climate Impact Plans” to mitigate damage to coastline due to rising seas of climate change.

  • #2 - I will Fight for Women: As a woman who has worked in a male-dominated field all her life, no one is better equipped to go to DC (where less than 1 in 5 in Congress are women) and fight for Equal Pay for Equal Work, for Paid Family Leave, for Planned Parenthood, and for a Woman’s right to keep government out of making life-changing decisions about her own body, about when or if she will become a mother, and of course the impact that has women’s equality!

  • #3 - I will Fight to Create Good Paying Jobs:  As a small business owner, the TRUE job creators in this economy, I know what it takes to not only create jobs, but also what small businesses need to thrive, prosper & grow. We want to be creating jobs for the future in technology, sustainable energy, green construction. We want job training programs & free community colleges training our kids, and displaced adults, for those jobs; Medicare-for-all so we can stay healthy to work those jobs; affordable housing so folks can live near their jobs. We want light rail & public transit to connect our cities, cutting down on traffic and air pollution. I won’t be afraid to tackle homelessness & the opioid epidemic that is affecting too many of our children. I will take no money from the pharmaceutical industry, the fossil fuel industry, or any other industry that is looking to make a profit at the expense of people or planet.

Orange County deserves bold progressive leadership, a local representative that will truly represent the more progressive, diverse, unique culture of OC. An architect with a vision who, with all of your input, we will design a blueprint for our future, together.

Here’s where I stand on the issues:

A New Progressive Economy

After slowly but surely building up our small business over the last 8 years, mirroring the...

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Climate Change

Climate change is a real and significant threat...

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Race Relations

Trump hasn’t made America great again. He has made America racist again. Since his...

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Criminal Justice

Our country has been over-incarcerating generations of young men of color, particularly in the...

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Women’s Issues

I have always been a strong supporter of the work that Planned Parenthood provides. 

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Gun Safety

I’ve never owned a gun, never wanted to own a gun; I don’t hunt and have no intention...

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Small Business

Homer & I, both architects, were laid off from our jobs in the great recession of 2008, as...

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Campaign Finance Reform

Lincoln's Gettysburg address said it best -  "this is a government of the people, by...

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Affordable Housing

My five millennial kids have all moved out of Orange County, in no small part because there is...

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LGBTQ Rights

I am a proud ally of the LGBTQ community, and will always stand for your equal rights. As a...

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Military & Veterans

My grandfather and my Homer’s grandfather served as officers in World War II, and their...

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Compassionate Immigration Reform

My grandmother was an unauthorized worker from Scotland, who came across the Canadian border at...

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Separation of Church & State

I was raised Catholic, and the values I was taught in Catholic school are the basis of all the...

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Education is a Right

We are going through a major global economic shift right now, into a high-tech information age...

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Healthcare is a Right

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Unity & Diversity

The beauty and the strength and the power of America is our diversity.

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People and Planet Over Partisanship

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