My Platform

I am a unifier, and I will listen to and work with anyone no matter their political party, but I will stand firm when it comes to protecting people and planet over mega-corporations. I am particularly concerned about the vast and growing disparity between the billionaire class and the working and middle class, how it is quietly affecting many of us even here in Orange County, and I will fight to allow everyone the opportunity to enjoy their best life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in this beautiful corner of our country.  I am socially liberal, but fiscally nuanced – in these accelerated economic times, we need social safety nets for those who would otherwise be left behind, while at same time unleashing the power of small businesses to provide good paying jobs.

Here’s where I stand on the issues:

The Military

My grandfather and my husband’s grandfather served as officers in World War II, and their...

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My grandmother was an unauthorized worker from Scotland, who came across the Canadian border. We...

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Women’s Rights

I have always been a strong supporter of the work that Planned Parenthood provides. 

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We are going through a major global economic shift right now, into a high-tech information age...

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Jobs and the Economy

After slowly but surely building up our small business over the last 8 years, mirroring the...

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Health Care

I know what is it like to be without health care. After my husband and I were laid off in 2008 (...

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The Environment

Climate change is a real and significant threat...

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I support the rights of individuals to live their lives in accordance with their own personal...

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People and Planet Over Partisanship

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