Investing in health – the most profitable decision

Health is the most precious gift we have, so it’s worth taking care of every day, no matter how you feel. Unfortunately, most people start to care for their body when the first symptoms of the disease appear, and then it may be too late to fully restore health. Today, we encourage you to invest in preventive health care and thus be able to react in advance, before the first more serious symptoms of the disease appear.

The blood pressure monitor is always at hand

Measuring blood pressure is an activity that we usually associate with the elderly. However, it is worth knowing that problems with blood pressure can appear at almost any age, and people who smoke, drink alcohol or are exposed to long-term stress are in the high-risk group. Untreated high blood pressure can result in many health complications, including damage to the heart, brain, kidneys, and eyes, as well as the formation of atherosclerosis.

Hypertension also increases the risk of stroke and heart attack. The purchase of a blood pressure monitor for home use is an expense of PLN 100-200.

Sugar measurement not only for diabetics

Another routine test that we are able to perform at home is blood sugar measurement. Sugar control is an essential part of diabetes prevention. Early detection has a chance of recovery, but if we lead to the advanced development of the disease in our body, it will be necessary to treat it for the rest of our lives. So if we are genetically burdened with this disease or we suffer from obesity, it is worth measuring sugar regularly and in case of abnormal results, contact a doctor. We can measure sugar by performing a test at a blood donation point or invest in a home blood glucose meter. The cost of such a device ranges from PLN 100 to PLN 300.


Blood morphology is a test recommended by doctors to help diagnose a patient better. It is worth knowing that the result of the morphological examination tells us a lot about our health, and above all, it is able to show infections and inflammations developing in the body, which do not give any symptoms yet. Thanks to the early detection of anomalies in blood results, we can undertake quick treatment and thus avoid the development or alleviate the course of many serious diseases.

The morphology should be performed at least once every six months. Its cost is not high, as it is about PLN 20.

Research packages

Once a year, it is also worth performing a comprehensive test package, which, in addition to the aforementioned morphology, will also include thyroid hormone tests, lipid profile, urine, as well as ECG and ultrasound of the abdomen. We can perform this type of tests in the set in private diagnostic centers, which have special packages for their clients, priced from PLN 100 to PLN 400. This cost, compared to the possible treatment of too late diagnosed diseases, turns out to be quite low. If we temporarily lack funds for an expense of this amount, quick loans that will allow us to obtain funds even on the same day on which we submitted the application can be helpful.

Remember that health should not be saved and we should take care of it not only when we suffer from ailments, but also in the form of daily prophylaxis.