Elegant wedding for a reasonable amount

A well-organized wedding is the basis of a very important day for the newlyweds. However, when organizing, it often turns out that expectations exceed the budget and each person really wants something else. The groom’s parents would like a band, the bride’s parents would like a country table and suddenly the money is running out and even a small loan will not help.

Above all, too many people

There shouldn’t be too many people involved in planning a wedding. Of course, the parents’ suggestions are advisable, but the practical organization should rest on one person – for example, the bride with the groom.

It is the bride and groom to choose what they like, because this is their day. First, a specific date and church selection, then a suitable place. If it is to be elegant, it is worth focusing on restaurants and small rooms with a modern finish, and not on convivial, traditional interiors.

Dinner or traditional wedding?

To reduce costs, you can start this day a little earlier. The wedding can take place at 2 pm, after which guests will be invited to an elegant restaurant for dinner at 3:30 pm. After lunch, guests can be invited to the dance floor operated by a DJ, who will lead everyone to have fun. After the dance, you can serve a second course, then invite guests to talk and go with your wife or spouse for a short wedding session. After this session, a cake, coffee and tea should be served, which will also be a signal for the end of the party.

Dress and suit

If the bride and groom want to save money, it is worth focusing on simplicity and versatility – they will be able to use such outfits later, especially in the case of the groom’s suit. Choosing a classic suit over a tuxedo and a simple, bright dress over a lace ball gown is the perfect alternative to a massive pump-up wedding. Modesty and elegance will make the wedding planned with taste.


Considering the small number of people, considering a dinner with elements of dance instead of a wedding is a very sensible idea. The cost of renting a small restaurant with one two-course dinner, several types of starters served at the table and a cake will not cost PLN 300 or PLN 400 per person, and probably half as much.

Hiring a DJ for a few hours during the day is also a good solution, because then there is not such a great demand for their services and they will be much cheaper than on Saturday night.

You can also consider hosting a wedding on Friday rather than Saturday – this will reduce the overall cost by around 20%.

Another idea is to propose a non-alcoholic party, thanks to which each of the guests will be able to drive, and the organizers will avoid sitting guests who have drunk too much for too long.

You can opt out of renting a car – perhaps in your family or friends there is a person who has a representative car, who can be happy to show up as newlyweds. If the costs still exceed the assumed budget, then it is worth helping with a small loan – it’s not about denying yourself absolutely everything on that day.